Frequently Asked Questions

Were Jett McBride’s actions a result of being drugged by Kai?

Despite the claims of Gabriel Francisco in the Netflix documentary, there is no evidence to suggest that Jett McBride was given anything apart from cannabis by Kai. Not only did the tox screen come back negative on Kai, but Scott Baly, McBride’s lawyer abandoned the attempt to put the blame on Kai via intoxication. 

In 2015, the American Jounral of Criminal Justice published a paper “Marketing a Panic: Media Coverage of Novel Psychoactive Drugs (NPDs) and its Relationship With Legal Changes.” The paper references the Jett McBride incident as a “drug panic.” Also, McBride’s fragile and deluded mental state is not challenged by family members of McBride who were concerned about his cross country trip “to stop the Illuminati from bombing the Super Bowl.”