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  • Did Kai go on the run and change his appearance after the night in Clark?

    Prosecution claims Kai changed his appearance and was “on the run.” They knew better considering the fact that the McNamara brothers were interviewed, pointed out that Kai appeared to be under the influence and noted that he immediately introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Kai the Hitchhiker.” Short hairs the same color as Kai’s were also found…

  • How exactly did Galfy die and why were the injuries so severe?

    Dr. Junaid Shaikh made claims that Galfy was “bludgeoned” but no weapon or blunt object was ever recovered. Galfy’s ear being torn is consistent with an abrasion related to Kai’s torn jeans. Injuries came from kicking upwards. The injury to the ear was an abrasion from a horizontal kick (from his back on the floor…

  • What’s going on currently in Kai’s case?

    Kai is currently on petition for writ of habeas corpus in Federal court. As of July 28th, 2022 Federal Judge Madame Cox-Arleo ruled that Kai had “sufficiently alleged at this early stage … conspiracy to deprive him of his due process rights” but is barred from moving forward even though he’s proved in court not…

  • When did you start covering the Kai the Hitchhiker case?

    I’ve been covering this story since 2017. My first article for the Inquisitr was published in October 2017 following a period of research into the documents related to the case and a series of interviews with Kai. I have kept in contact with Kai throughout the years and continue to do so. 

  • Did Kai give permission or license use of his YouTube videos and other material in the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker documentary?

    No, Kai did not give permission for that material to be used and even worse, they didn’t bother using clips from his YouTube that do go into detail regarding conflicts of issues, destroyed evidence and the “conspiracy to deprive him of his due process” that Federal Judge Cox-Arleo ruled in July 28th, 2022. 

  • How do I contact Kai?

    You can send letters directly to Kai at the following address: Caleb McGillvary, #1222665, New Jersey State Prison, PO Box 861, Trenton, NJ 08625. You can also send videograms, letters and cards at by searching for account #000102317G.

  • Where do I keep up with updates related to Kai online? 

    Kai has multiple official social media accounts. He releases videograms on YouTube and has a blog with updates at Facebook and a support group, Twitter and TikTok account and more. You can find all these links as well as links to his petitions and fundraiser at

  • What motive did the Union County Prosecutor’s Office offer to explain Kai killing Galfy?

    Actually the Union County Prosecutor’s Office pointed out in 2013 during the Grand Jury that they had no obligation to provide a motive. No motive was ever really developed until RAW TV Ltd released the documentary (with the help of a production company based in Union County where Galfy and his protectors are based) on…

  • Was Kai a vigilante?

    The Prosecution pointed out that Kai had a list of sex offenders on him at the time. What was not mentioned by them was that he was in the midst of working with Sophie Thomas for a piece at Vice. Sophie had told him about a French man who date raped her. The plan was…

  • Why did Kai go back the second night?

    Kai believed himself to be in Asbury Park. He had been warned by Kim Conley who he was planning to meet there in New Jersey that the area was too dangerous to sleep in outside. In addition to that, the first night he had at first assumed that it was merely dried saliva residue he…